Adding value across your well's life cycle

Coretrax provides specialist wellbore clean-up and wellbore abandonment services. By thinking innovatively and applying cutting edge technology we ensure a seamless transition from drilling to completion and production to abandonment.

From the first client consultation to the execution of the job, our primary objective is to perform our services meeting our customers’ requirements in a safe and cost effective manner - never compromising safety or quality standards.

Our mission is always to place our customers in the best position to move forward.

Wellbore Clean Up

Whether working on a newly drilled well, a workover or in an abandonment operation, Coretrax can offer a robust and reliable solution for wellbore clean up. Coupled with a commitment to provide excellent service from planning to execution, we seek to ensure maximum customer satisfaction with each job.

Chemicals & Filtration Services

We design the fluid train to optimise the interface. Our engineered displacements and pills provide excellent clean-up results in both water and oil-based muds.

Abandonment and Decommissioning

Coretrax provides a seamless service - constantly aligning your wellbore abandonment needs through rigorous project planning and engineering, always increasing efficiency from plan to plug.


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