Effective communication is key across the oil and gas industry with the consequences of poor communications being costly and potentially dangerous. Poor communication between companies and their clients can result in a number of scenarios each presenting the potential for NPT or hazardous working environments. 

Coretrax recognise the importance of maintaining strong communications both with our customers and internally within our team. Upholding good relationships with our clients allows a forum for open discussions and enables Coretrax to act as trusted advisors. As part of the job planning phase Coretrax work with the client to obtain the relevant information before selecting the appropriate tools and presenting our solutions. Generating schematics and programme writing form the basis of Coretrax pre-job planning. Coretrax can also perform torque and drag analysis and hydraulics modelling where required. 

At Coretrax, our team are dedicated to providing an excellent level of service to all our clients ensuring each job is executed to the highest standards from start to finish. Coretrax recognises that good communication is instrumental in doing so and as such it is a key focus within our organisation. Coretrax regularly hold interdepartmental meetings to ensure that the relevant information is passed through the organisation, allowing each stage of the job to be performed effectively. 

Prior to sending personnel offshore Coretrax also conduct a full pre-job brief to ensure that the personnel travelling to the installations are fully aware of the specific job requirements. Providing on-call support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year means that customers can always reach a dedicated Coretrax representative for any assistance they may need. Further to completion of the job Coretrax hold job de-briefs to capture any lessons learned enabling the company to undergo a process of continual improvement.


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