Drillpipe Cleaning


Following cementing operations residual cement, drilling fluid or debris is often found in the drill pipe or tubing. This can present a risk of contamination during future cement jobs and if left in the bore of the drill pipe it can result in corrosion and permanent damage of the drill pipe. Conventionally a foam wiper ball is used to clean the internal diameters of the drill pipe or tubing however loading the large OD foam wiper ball into the drill pipe at surface can be a difficult and time consuming task.

The Coretrax CX-Ball provides a simple solution with the CX-Ball launchers arriving offshore, pre-loaded and ready to use. To launch the CX-Ball simply remove the cap, place the launcher in the box connection of the drill pipe and compress the plunger to release the ball. The standard Coretrax foam wiper balls are made of natural rubber with a high parting stretch allowing them to pass intact through small restrictions. These balls are compressed and wrapped in a soluble film before being loaded into the recyclable launchers. Within a minute of deployment the soluble film dissolves allowing the foam wiper ball to expand to its original form effectively wiping the ID as it is pumped down the drill pipe.

The use of the CX-Ball significantly reduces the deployment time associated with loading foam wiper balls and can present time savings in excess of 10 minutes per application, simultaneously reducing the exposure of the rig crew to any OBM or hazardous drilling fluids present in the drill string.

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Drop Drift Cleaner

Following cementing operations foam wiper balls are typically used to remove residual cement, drilling fluid or debris from the inside of the drill pipe or tubing. The foam wiper ball is pumped down the drill pipe wiping the internal diameters before being circulated back to surface along with the debris. The use of foam wiper balls whilst the tail of the drill pipe is still submerged in the cement can result in cement disturbance.

One way to avoid this is to pull the drill pipe out of hole until the open end of the drill pipe is above the top of cement prior to deploying the foam wiper ball. In order to avoid long-term damage to the drill pipe – such as chemical corrosion from residual drilling fluids – the unwiped stands would need to be re-run at a later date in order to remove the residual cement or debris.

Coretrax have developed the Drop Drift Cleaner Package as a solution to this common problem. The Drop Drift Cleaner package consists of a drop drift brush and a land out sub. The land out sub is pre-installed in the drill string before running in hole. Following the cementing operations the drop drift brush is dropped from surface and free-falls through the drill string before landing out in the bespoke internal profile of the catcher sub. The drill pipe is then pulled out of hole and the catcher sub broken out before deploying a foam wiper ball to clean the remaining drill pipe without disturbing cement.

The drop drift brush consists of a weighted bullnose and handle with a bristled cleaning element providing 360 degree coverage and giving the flexibility to pass through tool joint restrictions. The high memory bristles allow the drop drift brush to be used multiple times before replacement.

The Drop Drift Cleaner provides a cost-effective, time saving solution to wiping the first ten stands of drill pipe without disturbing cement and has the potential to save 6 hours per well.

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