Specialist. Tailored. Seamless. Engineered services

From the first client consultation to the execution of the job, our primary objective is to perform our services meeting our customers’ requirements in a safe and cost effective manner - never compromising safety or quality standards.

At Coretrax every job is tailored to meet our customers’ precise requirements.

After initial briefings and discussions we outline a detailed scope of work: this provides the basis of our design, which we work on closely with our clients, identifying time saving possibilities and integrating external service providers to achieve a completely seamless operation. We explore all the possibilities at the outset to make sure every eventuality is covered and all goals and objectives are accomplished.

Tailor-made tools

The tool string design chosen for each project depends entirely upon customer requirements and the characteristics of the individual well. We also have the ability to design and modify tools to meet specific wellbore needs in those particular occasions where operations require flexibility. Once tools have been confirmed, Coretrax carry out programme writing, torque and drag modelling and hydraulics analysis before operations begin.

Seamless way of working

Our fleet of tools and chemicals allow us to be a comprehensive provider for wellbore clean-ups; whenever you need a “one stop shop,” Coretrax can offer different solutions and minimise logistical efforts.

Planning for perfection

Conducting torque, drag and hydraulic modelling before starting operations is an essential part of the pre-job planning process.

The results of simulations make it easier to select equipment, determine placement of circulation ports and predict any excessive forces that may be acting on the string. Running these models highlights any issues which we can then address before operations begin.




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