WBCU Chemicals (former Job done. On spec. Well assured)

Every well is unique and our engineered wellbore clean-up services are designed with that in mind. We believe that clean-up services should never be ‘off the shelf.’

We always look at the big picture, answer all your questions and seamlessly combine the following into every job design:

  • An understanding of the well plan and well conditions
  • A design that meets the completion objectives
  • Integration of the mechanical, hydraulic, and chemical parameters
  • Collaboration with other service providers, including drilling, cementing, fluids and other partners

A team of experienced Coretrax engineers run the job, continually monitoring wellbore parameters and assess well conditions in real time, including pressures, active weights, timings, torques and other essential measurements.

During operations, we make sure there is constant contact between onshore/offshore personnel to ensure we can offer our customers a high level of support throughout. Every job is recorded in an end of well report, which includes a record of customer satisfaction against agreed KPIs.  


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