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Coretrax provides a seamless service - constantly aligning your wellbore abandonment needs through rigorous project planning and engineering.

CX-2 Bridge Plug

The Coretrax® CX-2® permanent cast iron bridge plug is a versatile tool used for multiple applications in the oilfield.

The CX-2® Bridge Plug is designed to set with a combination of hydraulic pressure and mechanical pull and comes with a built-in setting mechanism for greater efficiency. The integrated running tool has a slick OD and large ID to minimise cement disturbance when pulling out of hole, making the CX-2® ideal for cement plug operations. The field proven design features one piece slips and is constructed of drillable materials, allowing the CX-2® to be used for both temporary and permanent zonal isolation. The application of right-hand rotation releases the setting tool from the plug.

Eliminate the need for a dedicated scraper run by utilising the CX-2® Bridge Plug with a CX-Drillable Brush to ensure a debris-free setting area.

  • Features/Benefits

    • Set with a combination of hydraulic pressure and mechanical pull
    • Minimises cement disturbance due to slick OD of running tool
    • Constructed from drillable materials
    • Standard packing element rated at 300°F, thermal versions are available


CX-IST (Inflation Support Tool)

The Coretrax® CX-IST® (Inflation Support Tool) has been developed to enhance the placement of a cement plug or a well barrier fluid.

The IST® is deployed from surface down the work string and latches onto a pre-installed landing sub or the CX-2® running sub. Once the tool latches onto the profile, pump pressure will inflate the elastomer and seal the wellbore. The IST® is then released by simply picking up the work string.

The IST® provides a 100% wall-to-wall barrier and acts as a base for well fluid or cement. As the same landing sub can be used multiple times, the operator can deploy as many ISTs as required in the same or multiple zones. Combining the CX-2® and IST® technologies mean that multiple cement bases can be set, tagged and tested in one run. With innovative technology it breaks new ground within the oil and gas industry.

  • Features/Benefits

    • Quick deployment
    • 100% sealing capability
    • Suitable for running in cased or open hole
    • Indicated pressure spikes
    • Shut-off valve ensures tool does not inflate while being pumped to depth
    • Rupture disc prevents the tool from over-inflation
    • Constructed from drillable materials
    • An unlimited number of ISTs can be deployed in one run


CX-SV (Hydraulic Set Sliding Valve Cement Retainer)

The Coretrax® CX®-SV is a cement retainer which is set hydraulically, eliminating the requirement for a large OD bow spring mechanical setting tool. The tool incorporates a stinger seal which latches into the retainer with set down weight and is released with right-hand rotation and up strain.

The cement retainer is set by dropping a ball from surface and pressuring up to set the upper slips, over pull will set the lower slips and pack off the elements.

Once set, the stinger seal is released by rotating to the right. The sliding valve will close when unstung with the stringer seal and opened when stung back in to allow cementing or pressure testing below the plug.

  • Features/Benefits

    • No mechanical setting tool required, slick ID cement stinger left after deployment
    • Available in a wide range of sizes
    • Constructed of drillable material
    • One piece slips
    • Quickly deployed
    • Ideal for squeeze cementing applications



The Coretrax® CX-Lifepacker™ provides seal assurance for well abandonment scenarios where the following well conditions exist:

  • Casing pitting
  • Casing corrosion
  • Poor cement bond
  • Micro-annulus

The CX-Lifepacker™ adopts a three pronged approach to ensure that the well is abandoned safely for the long term:

  • The CX-2® Bridge Plug provides a tagged and tested barrier, isolating the reservoir immediately
  • The CX®-Drillable Brush ensures that the setting area for the packer is clean, removing the possibility of any micro-annulus and therefore any paths for gas migration in the future
  • The swellable CX-Lifepacker™ element provides long term assurance. After 72 hours, the element swells out to meet the ID of the casing providing an additional seal barrier to the well. Over time if casing corrosion occurs, the element will continue to expand and swell out to the formation, maintaining a seal.
  • Features/Benefits

    • Available in a range of sizes
    • Set with a combination of hydraulic pressure and mechanical pull
    • Built-in setting tool
    • Constructed from drillable materials
    • Long term assurance of a sealed well



The CX-Enviroplug® is a cementing plug used to provide a base for cement in larger ID casing and open hole.

The CX-Enviroplug® is run-in-hole on drill pipe and once at the required depth a ball is dropped. Pressure is applied which shears and disconnects the CX-Enviroplug® from the string. Once disconnected, an open-ended cement stinger is left and cementing can take place. The tool contains a one-way valve and bypass ports which prevents the tool from surging when running in the hole.

  • Features/Benefits

    • Available in a range of sizes up 20"
    • Fully drillable
    • Fast deployoment


CX-WS Bridge Plug

The Coretrax CX-WS is a cast iron bridge plug which is set using electric wireline. This premium plug has a wide range of applications including cementing and abandonment applications. The drillable materials enable the plug to provide an economic method of delivering temporary or permanent zonal isolations. This versatile plug can also be converted to enable it to be set using tubing.

  • Features/Benefits

    • Electric wireline set
    • Constructed of drillable material
    • Can be drilled out in approximately 35 minutes
    • One piece slips
    • Small OD for quick and safe deployment



The Coretrax CX-SVᴇ Cement Retainer is a robust and fully drillable cement retainer run on drill pipe and set using a Coretrax Mechanical Setting Tool. The CX-SVᴇ incorporates a sliding valve mechanism allowing circulation through the cement retainer when the mechanical setting tool is stung in. This makes the CX-SVᴇ ideal for a number of applications including squeeze cementing and providing a pressure-tested barrier for P&A applications.

The Coretrax Mechanical Setting Tool has a snap latch stinger which creates a seal with the sliding valve of the cement retainer. The snap latch stinger is used to function the sliding valve within the CX-SVᴇ and it can be functioned multiple times whilst maintaining a pressure seal between stinger and plug.

  • Features/Benefits

    • Constructed from drillable materials
    • Multiple open and close function of sliding valve
    • Reduced risk of premature setting due to locked and pinned cones on CX-SVᴇ
    • MST is easy to use and maintain


We always offer the best solutions for our customers' requirements and never, ever compromise on quality.

-Elliot McDonough

Regional Manager For Middle East

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