Service Tools

Coretrax can provide a full service tool package to our customers including retrievable bridge plugs, retrievable test packers, bumper subs, water bushings and swedges. We hold a wide range of casing sizes and connections of service tools which are manufactured to NS1 and inspected to NS2 standard. Tooling with other manufacture and inspection criteria may be available upon enquiry.

CX-10 Retrievable Bridge Plug

The Coretrax® CX®-10 Retrievable Bridge Plug is a high pressure plug for multiple zone and selective single zone operations such as acidizing, fracturing, cementing, and testing. It features a large internal bypass to reduce swabbing when running and retrieving. The bypass closes during the setting of the plug and opens prior to releasing the upper slips allowing pressure equalisation prior to unsetting. 

The CX®-10 is run in conjunction with the CX®-10 spring loaded running/retrieving tool; ¼ turn to the right with compression or tension sets the bridge plug, ¼ turn to the left will release the running tool. Setting down weight will re-latch the running/retrieval tool and overpull will unseat the bridge plug. 

This tool can be set in tension or compression. It can be set shallow in unsupported casing to contain pressure while working on wellhead equipment or set deep in high pressure wells.

  • Features/Benefits

    • Available in a wide range of sizes and for a wide range of temperatures
    • Simple setting and release sequence
    • Quickly deployed
    • Can be converted to wire line set
    • High differential pressure rating


CX-RTP (Retrievable Test Packer)

The Coretrax® CX®-RTP (Retrievable Test Packer) is a heavy duty service packer ideally suited for a wide range of applications including, but not limited to, squeeze cementing, formation fracturing and high pressure acidizing. It is a compression set packer with hydraulic button-type hold down slips. The CX®-RTP withstands high pressure from above or below and uses a 3 element packing system, j-slot, and a drag block mechanism for easy setting. The packer has a built-in unloader which circulates across the hold down buttons to improve retrievability and run in performance. 

The CX®-RTP is run on tubing and set by ¼ turn to the right and setting down weight. Overpull will release and unseat the CX®-RTP.

  • Features/Benefits

    • Available in a wide range of sizes and for a wide range of temperatures
    • Elements available for a range of casing sizes
    • Simple setting and release sequence
    • Quickly deployed


Supporting Equipment

The Coretrax Unloader/Circulating Valve is designed as a high-pressure accessory to withstand severe operating conditions. This Unloader/Circulating Valve provides a means of equalizing tubing and annulus pressures as well as providing a by-pass to allow fluid to pass through the mandrel of the packer while running the tubing string in and out of the well. Circulating can be established to spot fluids to the packer or circulating debris from the hole.

The Coretrax Abandonment Valve provides a means for temporarily abandoning a well without tripping out a workstring. This valve is run in conjunction with a heavy-duty service packer. The Abandonment Valve is designed to allow heavy loads to hang through them and thus allowing a workstring to hang below during abandonment. The most common use of the Abandonment Valve and packer combination is offshore for storm abandonment, but can also be used for working on BOP’s during drilling without tripping the drill string out.

The Coretrax Safety Joint provides a method for backing off a workstring from the tools below using right-hand rotation and reciprocation to back off the release mechanism. The mandrel is locked with shear screws ensuring the back-off mechanism does not occur until required.

We always offer the best solutions for our customers' requirements and never, ever compromise on quality.

-Elliot McDonough

Regional Manager For Middle East

Increasing well productivity and reducing risk for clients around the world. See how.

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