Offering 12 different string configurations

Churchill Darts offer 12 different string configurations across 5 different products, enabling you to take advantage of a whole host of performance advantages:

Fast and Economical:

All the extra simplicity and performance saves lots of rig time, and with no service hand and very simple subs deployed, dart activated systems are extremely economical and cost effective.

High Angle & HPHT:

Designed to perform in almost any environment with features like robust metal shoulders and brass shear pins, darts have extremely high load tolerance and deliver very consistent shearing across the full down-hole temperature and pressure range. Darts are completely user operable even in extreme wells, with simple and standard drop and pump methodology.

Smart Darts & Simple Subs:

Darts, securely stored at surface and pumped into a sub are the perfect solution to deliver flexibility and reliability. Down-hole operating longevity comes from robust, simple, well designed subs with maximum environmental resilience. The single-use darts are only exposed to the well for a few minutes before they land and deliver the required configuration.

Plug and Play Ease & Flexibility:

Users simply select the dart to match their application and pump it into place. A clear pressure indication is seen instantly at surface to facilitate a quick move onto the next program phase.

Mechanical Broadband:

No other mechanical activation method can deliver more different devices in a string. The dart shoulder to seat interference is around a millimeter, meaning that our tool designers are able to deliver serial tool positioning with little loss of internal diameter from one tool to the next. Up to three different tools can share a single catcher and be operated in any order multiple times. Many multiples of these can be deployed with a “lowest first” approach.

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