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Case Study

CX-2 Bridge Plug And CX-Superflow Save Spirit Energy More Than Two Days Operating Costs

During an abandonment project in the southern North Sea, Coretrax deployed its CX-Superflow, a fully sacrificial combination scraper and brush tool that can be run alongside the bridge plug at the same time. By eliminating the need for a dedicated scraper trip we saved the operator an average of 3.8 hours rig time per well.

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Improving The Efficiency Of Plug And Abandonment Campaigns

The demand for cost-effective plug and abandonment (P&A) technology is growing fast. Ageing oilfields, a sharp rise in the costs associated with running a mature well that’s coming to the end of its productive lifespan, and the transition to renewable and sustainable energy generation are thought to be driving a 7.4% (YoY) increase in the demand for economic P&A projects.

Coretrax provide innovative plug and abandonment solutions that are capable of substantially reducing rig times – and boosting the overall efficiency of P&A campaigns.

Coretrax Save Operator 18 Hours Rig Time Using CX-tubing Hanger System

Case Study

Coretrax Save Operator 18 Hours Rig Time Using CX-tubing Hanger System

Coretrax was approached to provide a solution for a well abandonment where annular cement had been confirmed, meaning that the completion did not need to be fully recovered. Aside from the associated rig time when recovering the completion, the cost of disposing completion tubing is estimated at around £250,000 – more should there be NORM contamination present. By removing the need to recover the full completion, significant time and costs can be saved.

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