Case Study

OnePatch Casing Patch Isolates Water Ingress – Bringing Well Back Online

A client operating in Alaska wanted to bring a temporarily-abandoned production well back online. Unfortunately, water had infiltrated the well from pre-existing perforations across a shallow formation. We deployed our 36ft 7” 26# OnePatch to isolate the problem zone and recomplete the well, with 0% water ingress from the isolated zone.

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Environmental Protection

Easing The Burden Of Legislative Compliance

Some operators are also under a lot of pressure to ensure that their wells don’t leach drilling fluids, oil or formation water into the surrounding environment.  Unfortunately, corrosion, pressure and wear caused by extended drilling operations can take their toll on new and old casing; causing hairline fractures and larger ruptures that allow contaminants to seep out of the wellbore.

In these situations, an expandable casing patch is an ideal way to isolate a problem zone that threatens to compromise your ability to produce gas or oil while complying with the necessary environmental regulations.

Providing a long-lasting alternative to traditional methods of sealing a section of wellbore, our casing patches form a steel seal that prevents any unwanted contaminants from leaching into the ground around your well – without compromising efficiency or reducing productivity.

Systems like our Reline WL, Reline MNS and Reline HYD casing patches are designed for deployment that minimise rig time and the associated costs, and systems like our OnePatch can also be deployed in live wells; allowing you to seal leaks without halting production.

The Intelligent Way To Restore Tubular Integrity

In the past, cement squeezes or straddle / swellable packers were used to shore up leaky or perforated wells. While these methods are cheap and relatively effective, they do have some obvious shortcomings: Cement squeeze workovers have a high failure rate, and synthetic rubber packers cannot withstand the vagaries of hostile downhole environments.

Our casing patches are a different story.

Designed to provide a permanent seal in a variety of environments, they’re more than capable of withstanding harsh or hostile conditions. Compared to traditional rig workovers, casing patch solutions are also up to 50% cheaper, require less rig time and have a much higher success rate, making them ideal for any operator trying to restore well integrity without compromising their bottom line.

We've Been Working Hard

Following the acquisition of Mohawk Expandables and Churchill Drilling Tools in 2019, we’ve been working hard to perfect a process that allows us to assist oil and gas operators all over the globe; working closely with their teams to identify a specialist product that’s ideally suited to the target environment, and then deploying it in good time to seal off any unwanted perforations and restore full functionality with minimal downtime.

If you’d like to learn more about our expandables or talk to a member of our team about a well integrity issue, please get in touch using the contact form below.

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